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Our family and the employees of Savoy Restaurant are proud to have served discriminating customers in Tulsa our delicious, homemade cuisine since 1918. But, now we want to spread the love! Savoy Foods packages your favorite menu items, so they can be shared far and wide. From our famous Cinnamon Rolls and Caramel Pecan Rolls to our fluffy and satisfying Pancakes and Biscuits, to our savory Sausage Breakfast Casseroles, the foods of Savoy are handmade never adding preservatives or artificial ingredients. Working in small batches with great care, we always start with premium ingredients, using original family recipes that remain unchanged since their creation, then carefully freeze and package to achieve optimal freshness. These packages of homemade goodness are perfect to enjoy now or later, and to share with family, friends, or your customers. Available on a to-go basis at Savoy Restaurant, or contact us at Savoy Foods to learn more about bulk orders, wholesale and retail opportunities. From our kitchen to your table—or venue—with the utmost commitment to quality. That’s our family’s promise to you.

From our kitchen to yours, with the utmost commitment to quality, our Savoy Foods products arrive at your table as fresh as the day they were made.


Weighing a half-pound each, our Famous Savoy Cinnamon Rolls are a favorite of loyal customers. They are soft and delicious with the taste of fresh cinnamon and sweet icing. Simple to prepare in the oven or microwave, our warm and delectable Cinnamon Rolls are sure to please the most discriminating tastes.


Our Caramel Pecan Rolls are a scrumptious variation of our Famous Cinnamon Rolls. Weighing over a half-pound each, they are loaded with pecans and covered in a hot, buttery caramel sauce. Simple to prepare in the oven or microwave, they are a rich and decadent treat.


Our golden-brown Pancakes are light, delicious and easy to prepare in the microwave. Offered in packages of six, they are fully cooked, frozen and vacuum packaged for freshness. Start your day right with a satisfying pancake breakfast prepared with ease.


Our fluffy Blueberry Pancakes are moist with the savory taste of plump, juicy blueberries. Offered in packages of six, they are fully cooked, frozen and vacuum packaged for freshness. Prepared with ease in the microwave, their mouthwatering flavor and aroma is the perfect addition to any breakfast.


Our towering, golden Biscuits are moist and full of delicious, old-fashioned flavor. Easily prepared in the oven, you will not find a better biscuit anywhere. Enjoy a traditional Southern breakfast of biscuits and gravy, a fulfilling breakfast sandwich or pair them with your favorite condiment.


Delicious Sausage Casserole—easy to heat and serve, hearty to satisfy. Filled with egg, Savoy fresh bread, cheese and loads of sausage, our sausage casserole is a perfect go-to entrée for family gatherings, tailgating at sporting events, or carefree weekends when you just don’t want to cook.

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